Buying Insurance Direct May Not Be Your Best Option

Local insurance agents offer better prices than GEICO, Progressive Direct, and Esurance. Don’t be fooled by slick TV advertising!

Convenience does not guarantee best price.

We most certainly live in a very fast-paced society. Although the economy is facing one of the worst recessions in recent history, convenience is still something that we all desire. When we shop for groceries we often use a local grocery store to do so, when we fill up our gas tank we likely use the service station close to our home or place of business.

In years past when you looked to purchase car or home insurance, you likely would go to your local insurance agent to do so. Companies like GEICO, Progressive Direct, Esurance have made purchasing insurance seem both easy and convenient. With their witty and comical commercials you seem to get the impression that you are assured to save money on something that we don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time thinking about.

However what’s interesting about these companies is that they don’t necessarily offer the best savings opportunities for your insurance. Sure, you can get a quote, and buy your policy with a few clicks of the mouse, but do these companies really offer the best price?

You might be surprised to learn that you can receive a much better price from a local agent who lives right in your community.

GEICO, Progressive Direct, and Esurance plus the growing number of companies that sell their policies directly to the public spend billions of dollars to get their message out to the public. Those billions of dollars invested in advertising goes right into the price you pay for your insurance.

So before you are tempted to purchase a policy from GEICO, Progressive Direct, Esurance, or any company that does not use local insurance agents, take the time to get a quote from a local agent, click on car insurance quotes Cincinnati.

By doing so you will likely save more money compared to what one of these companies can offer you, plus you are purchasing insurance from a local agent, often a small business owner living in your community, not to mention someone you can meet with in person.

For a free insurance quote from a local agent in your community click here.

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