Tickets / Accidents

How might tickets and accidents affect your car insurance premiums? One speeding ticket in the last three years will likely not have a significant impact on your car insurance rates, unless it is a teenage driver. However, multiple tickets and accidents most certainly will impact your rates. If you have experienced a large increase in Read more..

Teen Drivers

Insurance For Teenage Drivers Will Make Your Premiums Go Through The Roof! Parents, are you ready for your car insurance rates to double or even triple? When you add your sixteen year old teenage son or daughter to your policy, you will likely notice a substantial increase in price. If you already have teenage drivers Read more..

Haven’t Shopped in Awhile

This is a BIG MISTAKE for several reasons. Insurance companies raise and lower premium rates constantly because of competition. There might be hundreds of different insurance companies competing for your individual business in the state in which you live, and each company modifies their pricing structure on a regular basis to try to attract the Read more..

Low Deductible

Did you know that it is likely you are paying considerably higher premiums when you keep a small deductible? If you have a $250 deductible or less, Click Here to see how much money you can save when you increase your deductible to $500 or even $1,000. It is likely that you can save hundreds Read more..

Bad Credit

Where allowed by law, insurance companies use your personal credit as a factor to determine what to charge you for car, home, and business insurance. If you have poor credit, say goodbye to cheap insurance rates. Bad credit will cause you to pay as much as three times more compared to someone with excellent credit! Read more..