Coverage Gaps

Most states require all licensed drivers to maintain continuous insurance coverage even if they do not own a car. If you allow your insurance to cancel without obtaining replacement insurance from another company you could be labeled as a high risk driver. Why?

Due to the fact that insurance is mandatory, insurance companies view an uninsured driver seeking insurance coverage as a much higher risk for future claims.

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To make matters worse many of the top companies will not insure you if you have had a lapse in coverage for more than 30 days, or they will charge you a significantly higher premium.

In addition, if you are caught driving without insurance, in some states you will automatically receive a license suspension, will need to pay a fine and could be required to maintain an SR-22 for up to 5 years.

If you are required to carry an SR-22 and you do not pay your insurance bill, the insurance notifies the state that you are not in compliance with state law and the state can, without notice to you, suspend your license automatically.

If you are caught driving on a suspended driver’s license, be prepared for free room and board at your local detention facility.

Just ask Paris Hilton how that feels after she got busted driving on a suspended license. Many states can put you in jail for up to six months for driving on a suspended driver’s license!

What steps should you take to avoid being labeled as a high risk driver?

Keep your insurance coverage in force at all times. In the event you do not own a car, buy a non-owners policy, or determine if it is possible for you to be listed on a family members policy as an insured driver. (Check local laws and policy terms and conditions for restrictions on this).

A non-owners policy will provide the insurance protection that the state requires so that you are in compliance with state law. Either that or forfeit your driver’s license, the choice is yours!

If you lose your driver’s license for non compliance of insurance, you will be fined, require by some states to carry an SR22 state filing, and if you get caught your car can be impounded and you can go to jail for up to six months.

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