Dirk and Canon, Insurance Detectives™

My name is Jack Thomas and I oversee an independent insurance agency in Cincinnati. I’m an author, blogger, agency principal, and Insurance writer.

Currently I am working on a book and a pilot video series called Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™

Dirk and Canon, Insurance Detectives™Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™ is a pilot video series that will clearly show the insurance buying public how important it is for consumers to choose a professional insurance agent versus a company that sells insurance directly to the public. (Like GEICO, or Progressive Direct)

Dirk and Canon, Insurance Detectives™ will clearly show why consumers need professional advice, and not just a cheap price. ™

How can Dirk and Canon, Insurance Detectives™ Help Your Agency?

This new online comedy show will help insurance agents attract quality prospects to your agency, but more importantly improve your retention when companies such as Geico, Progressive Direct, Esurance, and 21st Century Insurance attempt to lure away your best and most profitable customers!

This series is designed specifically for YouTube and other online video sharing sites.  Billions of videos are viewed each month on YouTube. The large majority of videos on YouTube are humorous and that is why videos sometimes go “viral.” 

For a small licensing fee agents will be allowed to run Dirk and Canon, Insurance Detectives™ episodes on their personal website, or an auxiliary website that can be tied into your main website. An exclusive YouTube account will be also created for your agency. (Not pay per click.)

How Will Your Agency Make Money With Dirk and Canon, Insurance Detectives™?

There are two different ways that this series will benefit your agency.  It will help with retention but it will also help you attract new prospects to your agency.

We have developed the ability to rank videos on the first few pages of the search engines.

So essentially when someone types in a specific keyword for your area, and you have licensed that specific insurance keyword with Web Insurance Network, Inc. Your customized Dirk and Canon episode will show up for potential prospects to watch.

So in other words lets assume that your agency is based in San Diego California and you acquire the license for this keyword: Auto Insurance San Diego California. When a prospect types in that keyword: Auto Insurance San Diego California, your licensed Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™ video will show up on the first few pages of Google!

At the end of each episode Dirk and Canon will tell prospects why they should call your agency!

So in a sense you are paying for a commercial series that would cost $20,000 or more to produce for a relatively small monthly fee. As long as you pay the licensing fee each month or year, you are provided the exclusive rights to that specific keyword for your area for an episode. (That keyword for your area will not be resold to any other other agency.)

Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™Why Insurance Agents Need Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™?

GEICO has the little green gecko and Progressive has Flo. Who do insurance agents have? Agents do not have a spokesman or character that symbolizes or represents the importance of having a professional insurance agent care for your insurance needs versus purchasing insurance direct.

While it’s true that some insurance companies such a State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, and Farmers advertise extensively. Their message is typically all about the company itself, but not necessarily about insurance agents.

Insurance agents need a voice or spokesman like GEICO and Progressive. We believe that Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™ will fill that void.

Within The Next 30 Days We Will Be Accepting Orders To License Dirk and Canon Insurance Detectives™

Insurance agencies can begin to make inquiries into acquiring a license for specific keywords in your area. The license will be based on a first come first serve basis. When the license has been acquired by an agency in a specific area, no other keywords will be sold to an agency.

Keyword Example – Let’s once again assume that your insurance agency is based in San Diego California and you predominately offer personal lines insurance. The top keyword for that area might be: Auto Insurance San Diego California, the second most popular keyword could be: Car Insurance San Diego California.

We will license individual keywords based on their search engine ranking. The most popular keyword will command a higher price for licensing compared to other keywords. Agencies may purchase multiple keywords and receive package discounts, or license an entire area for all major keywords.

If this is all a bit confusing you can call my insurance office. (Pathway Insurance) Our office number is 513-662-7000. I will show you exactly how this will benefit your agency.

Keep in mind that once a keyword for a city is taken, it’s gone forever. This specialized form of video marketing will increase your search engine ranking for your websites immensely!

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