How to Find the Best Price on Cincinnati Home Insurance

Cincinnati Home InsuranceCincinnati Home Insurance

When you’re looking for homeowners insurance in Cincinnati the best place to shop is an independent agency. Contact Pathway Insurance at 513-662-7000 or use our convenient online quote system to receive a quote at

Haven’t you found that it’s easier to shop for Cincinnati homeowners insurance online than it is to ask your family, friends or neighbors for a referral?

Typing in the phrase “homeowners insurance” on Google brought back almost 22,000,000 results, most people shopping for insurance likely will not have that much time to sort through all that material, so is calling the companies listed on the first page a good choice?

There is one problem that you may not have been aware of as you’re shopping for insurance using the Internet.

Some insurance companies spend a lot of money on advertising, including advertising on the Internet. If a company spends a lot of money advertising on the Internet, does that mean they are a good company?

Because we are often creatures of habit we tend to take the path of least resistance and we might assume that the companies that show up in the first 10 listings are the best companies for our needs.

Here’s the basic issue when shopping for insurance online. There could be hundreds of different insurance companies that offer Cincinnati home insurance, and it could be possible that only the biggest companies have the advertising money to show up on the first page!

If an insurance company has hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars to spend on advertising does that mean they offer the best pricing on insurance?

We also have to keep in mind that claim satisfaction between companies can differ by a significant amount. Some insurance companies are simply better at settling claims than others, so if we buy insurance from the company offering the cheapest insurance prices and we have a claim, we may regret that decision later if we have a bad experience.  Be assured of a great experience when you call Pathway Insurance at 513-662-7000.  Also, to have a no-regret experience, get online quotes by clicking here.

Why Our Independent Agency Is One of The Best Places to Purchase Cincinnati Home Insurance

In addition to great prices we offer services that other agents do not such as the Pathway Claims Advocacy Program, Pathway Coverage Checklist which helps you find gaps in your coverage, and the Pathway Protection Letter which is a biweekly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what is and is not covered by insurance.  Click here to receive free online quotes for Cincinnati home insurance or, better yet, call Pathway Insurance today at 513-662-7000 to speak with an insurance professional.

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