Teen Drivers

Insurance For Teenage Drivers Will Make Your Premiums Go Through The Roof!

Parents, are you ready for your car insurance rates to double or even triple?

When you add your sixteen year old teenage son or daughter to your policy, you will likely notice a substantial increase in price. If you already have teenage drivers on your policy, the absolute best step you can take to lower your car insurance rates is to request car insurance quotes from other companies. The Agent Gurus Network has established a hassle free method for you to receive online car insurance quotes from top rated companies wishing to submit a competitive insurance bid on your business. Click Here to be connected to our referral network service.

The reason why you need to take time to shop around is that car insurance rates vary drastically between insurance companies. Truthfully, some insurance companies do not want to insure teen drivers and they will charge excessively high insurance premiums when you add your teenage son or daughter to your car insurance policy.

Why do some insurance companies shy away from insuring teen drivers?

The simple reason is that teenage drivers cause a disproportionately higher percentage of accidents, compared to older drivers. Consider these facts:

• Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers.
• 16 year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age.
• 16-year-olds are three times more likely to die in a motor vehicle crash than the
average of all drivers.

Some parents have been absolutely horrified to see their insurance premiums triple, when they added a teenage son or daughter to their car insurance policy. What steps can be taken to lower car insurance rates when teenage drivers are on your policy?

As was mentioned previously, take the time to obtain car insurance rate quotes from other local insurance agents in your area simply to compare whether or not you are getting a good deal. Take a few minutes to do that right now by Clicking Here

The next step you should consider is to pick an insurance friendlier car for your teen driver. An insurance friendly car would not be a sports car, a four-wheel-drive vehicle, or a luxury vehicle.

An insurance friendly car would be a four door, four cylinder, low profile car that does not need full coverage (Not a turbocharged four-cylinder vehicle by the way).

Also make sure that you are getting all of the allowable discounts for your teenage drivers, including:

• Driver’s training/education discount.
• Good student discount. (3.0 or better)
• Away at school discount. (for students more than 100 miles away from home-some
restrictions apply)
• Defensive driving courses. (some insurance companies will allow an additional
discount for defensive driving courses)

And finally, the biggest discount that you can ever receive on your car insurance policy is making sure that your teenage son or daughter is a careful driver. Inattentiveness, distractions and bravado cause accidents, severe injuries and sometimes death to our young drivers. Insurance companies will severely penalize parents (meaning considerably higher insurance premiums) when teen drivers push the pedal to the metal and get caught.

Have frank discussions with your teen drivers about the importance of safe driving.

Put into effect penalties such as loss of driving privileges if a ticket or accident occurs. That may be the biggest incentive that a youthful driver has to drive safely, the fear of the loss of driving privileges if the rules are broken.

Look for upcoming additional tips for teenage drivers on our blog that will show parents the best way to get the lowest prices on car insurance when you have teenage drivers on your policy.