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business auto insurance Cincinnati Business Auto Insurance Ohio-Get the Facts!

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Pathway Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency offering innovative insurance solutions for local companies with one commercial vehicle or one thousand.

We offer business automobile insurance in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana.

The Heritage Insurance Group offers business auto insurance in Kansas contact Heritage Insurance for more information, or call 800-217-6734.

Business Automobile Insurance Is Confusing!

There are a number of factors why business automobile insurance is complex. Largely it’s due to the fact that often companies confuse personal automobile insurance with business auto insurance in Cincinnati.

For instance let’s analyze the personal automobile insurance insurance plan.

The car insurance policy will list each car the coverage limits and deductibles if applicable. Also various personal car or truck policies have a nice provision for guaranteed insurance coverage for newly acquired automobiles.

You need to know that your business automobile insurance policy may possibly not incorporate any kind of provision for automatic coverage for newly purchased vehicles.

You should know that your business car insurance policy may not include any sort of provision for automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles.

The business automobile insurance policy specifies coverage by something called auto designation symbols.

What Are Auto Designation Symbols?

Designation symbols are simply the insurance policy meaning of what vehicles are protected, and the way they are covered by the insurance policy.

For instance a symbol one designation on the business automobile policy covers any car or truck ordered, and a symbol seven merely covers cars inside the Insuring agreement in which a premium rate is assessed.

The easiest way to obtain a denial of coverage is to confuse the individual automobile policy with the business auto policy, supposing there is no distinction between the 2 types of insurance policies.

That’s why you ought to work with an agency that will summarize these little specifics so that you do not unexpectedly find yourself paying the claim out of your back pocket!

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Pathway Insurance is a prominent independent insurance agency representing top rated carriers offering innovative solutions for your business needs.

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