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Digital Insurance MarketingNeed a Cost Effect Digital Insurance Website Strategy for Your Agency?

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Jack is the founding director of Web Insurance Network.   

Web Insurance Network has developed a proprietary and powerful online marketing system for insurance agencies that provides performance guarantees unlike other companies selling digital insurance websites that offer absolutely no guarantee

Do not feel like you are the only one who has a tough time locating helpful information about Digital Insurance Marketing?

What is Digital Insurance Marketing?

This type of online strategy for insurance agencies is simply lead generation from your website, plain and simple.   Some companies may make it appear that the digital insurance website system they offer will help you find, quote, and close insurance prospects all on auto pilot…  

Please allow me to assure you that system does not exist! 

However what does exist is a powerful and cost-effective digital insurance website system from Web Insurance Network. 

This system is not only guaranteed to rank in the search engines, but it is very cost-effective allowing your agency to engage in a profitable online strategy.

Lets review a pricing example on cost effectiveness.

Pricing Example – Digital Insurance Marketing:

Some companies selling digital insurance marketing systems charge at least $800 per month for their systems. Other insurance marketing companies charge far more than that.   Just to break even your agency would need to sell a minimum of $67,000 a year in new business premium for this nearly $10,000 per year investment. (assumes 15% commission paid to agency)  

Web Insurance Network Pricing Model

Our packages are far more reasonably priced.  For instance our entry level promotion package is 67% less compared to one company selling their version of an entry level digital insurance website!

With one important difference, our system comes with a performance guarantee! 

Our pricing is 67% less and we provide a warranty, so naturally the next logical question that may pop in to your mind:

What type of guarantee does the insurance marketing company provide when they want to charge your agency $800 per month or more?

Best Digital Insurance Marketing SystemWhat you might discover when you’re investigating revamping your online strategy is that few if any companies offer any sort of performance guarantee.

That’s a very bad thing when you are committing to such a large investment, don’t you agree?

If you were to buy a $10,000 entertainment system, you likely would receive a warranty or guarantee if something went wrong they would replace your $10,000 entertainment system. 

What sort of guarantee or warranty do you receive when you spend $10,000 or more on a Digital Insurance Marketing System? 

That’s a great question is it not? 

If an insurance marketing company provides you absolutely no performance guarantee for nearly a $10,000 per year investment, what do you think about that?  

Web Insurance Network Provides Performance Guarantees for Half the Price! 

Call today and speak with Jack Thomas. Contact his insurance office at 513-662-7000 to learn how you not only can save money but receive ranking guarantees on the search engines! 

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